Fase di corsa edizione 2016 Tour of Estonia

Tallinn, 25 Maggio 2017


Conferenza Stampa Tour Of Estonia
Conferenza Stampa Tour Of Estonia (Foto di TaneRungi)

Tour of Estonia 2017 scatta domani



Tomorrow morning the UCI 2.1 category cycling event Tour of Estonia 2017 gets underway with the Tallinn-Tartu GP. The home team, including 23 year old Mihkel Räim, who is also one of the main favorites for the general classification, should be one of the strongest.




„I think that Mihkel is probably the strongest guy in Tour of Estonia 2017. Or at least the guy in the best form,“ said Team Estonia’s head coach and cycling legend Jaan Kirsipuu.



Fase di corsa edizione 2016 Tour of Estonia
Fase di corsa edizione 2016 Tour of Estonia (Foto TarmoHaud)


Last year Räim finished third in Tour of Estonia. At the beginning of May he won a stage in Tour d’Azerbaidjan and thinks that his form should be still good. „My form definitely isn’t bad. I can’t whine about anything and I will not hide behind anything,“ said Räim in the pre-event press conference.




Tour of Estonia 2015 winner Martin Laas is also on the start list. Laas hasn’t competed much this year and said that tomorrow will show in what form he is. Gert Jõeäär, former Cofidis professional cyclist and the winner of the first Tour of Estonia back in 2013, said that this year his role will probably be in helping other Estonians.




The only Pro Continental Team in this year’s Tour of Estonia is Novo Nordisk (USA). Teams also worth highlighting are Continental Teams Rietumu Banka-Riga from Latvia and Team Kolss from Ukraine.



Fase di gara Tour Of Estonia 2016
Fase di gara Tour Of Estonia 2016 (Foto TarmoHaud)


This year’s Tour of Estonia will have two stages again. Friday’s Tallinn-Tartu GP is 211,2 km long and on Saturday cyclists will ride in the centre of Tartu (18×9,6 km lap, a total of 172,8 km).



On Sunday, a day after Tour of Estonia, the 36th Tartu Rattaralli will take place. Along with professional riders, over 3500 amateurs are expected to participate in 135 and 62 km distances.


Conferenza Stampa presentazione Tour Of Estonia 2017 (Foto di TaneRungi)
Conferenza Stampa presentazione Tour Of Estonia 2017 (Foto di TaneRungi)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4yr4yckcu3vsww0/AADi7aMhJsdeC9F7TGnTvXy3a?dl=0






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